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How A Home Rower Works

If you are not familiar with the home rower or rowing machine, you could potentially be a sceptic about their capabilities. In order to understand how effective the machine is, you will first need to know how it actually works. Below you will discover important facts about the home rowing exercise equipment.


The flywheel functions like a regular bicycle wheel since it is capable of spinning and building up momentum. Of course, you will not be pedalling the home rower, in fact, you will be pulling a handle, which is connected to an industrial-sized pulley chain that is attached to the flywheel. When you pull the handle, the flywheel will turn, but it will require a specific amount of resistance to complete one set. This, in turn, will help to build your deltoids, biceps, and chest muscles.

Leg Push

In order to get the most from the home rower, you will have to master the skill of rowing. This may require assistance from a professional rowing coach, but over time you will become a master rower. To begin the rowing exercise regimen, you will need to push off of the footrests.

Adjustable Features

If you have several family members that enjoy working out at home, they also will want to benefit from the home rowing machine. The adjustable footrests, monitor arm, and resistance will make it possible for everyone to utilize the exercise equipment. This will prevent you from needing to purchase an extra rower for each individual family member, which would be ridiculous.

Low Impact

The rower is unlike other home exercise equipment such as the treadmill, in that it does not cause stress on your knees. The rowing motion will be performed in a smooth manner, so there is a low amount of impact put on the lower lumbar region, knees, and hips. For those of you that suffer from knee pain will be able to work out daily with the home rower, without risk of injuries.

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