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Rower Exercises

So you order your new rowing machine and it arrives at your home, you have unpacked it and set it up then may think: How do I excise on this? Well, the good news is we are going to give you a helping hand and show you what’s what. There are a number of exercises and the internet is littered with videos showing you how but the basic facts are only this. A rowing machines purpose is to simulate the real action of rowing if you were in fact in a boat so the ideal scene would be an all over exercise for your bod.

– Key benefits:
You will exercise not only your muscles and abs you will also promote Cardiovascular exercise (heart to you and me) getting it to pump more blood around your body would be the expected thing and this it does so whilst your rowing away your whole body actually gets a workout including your heart and resulting in burning calories and improvement in the tone of your body overall. In time you will notice changes for the better with fat being used up you will become more trim etc and feel great about yourself.

– Increase the resistance
As you become familiar with 1 level of resistance and feel good with it, then try the next level – as mentioned earlier take it step by step to avoid injury. So on most rowers the lowest setting is level 1 then over time, you can go right up to levels 10,12 etc and enjoy a happier and healthier life.

– Moderating strokes (advanced users)
When you are totally comfortable exercising then you might want o do rapid strokes, this would only apply when you are totally comfortable with the machine your on. It involves for example 3 steady strokes then 2 fast ones, then 3 – 5 etc it’s all about knowing your limits and taking each step with care to get the best out of your rowing machine.

Rower Exercises

will keep you in tip-top form and over a period of time this will be reflected in your lifestyle – more energy, toned etc. Of all fitness equipment available today, the Rower has to the must-have item in your home gym.

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