Different Types of Rowing Machines

The different types of rowing machines you can buy in the UK.

1. Air Rowing Machines: Usual term when we relate to this is a Flywheel based unit it works on the principle that the resistance comes from the air so whilst you start of on a low setting you can increase it over time. How it works is pretty straight forward, the strength of the pulling motion you exert will cause resistance thus really exercising your muscles and support body as you row. Its pretty simple theory and for many it’s the ideal solution. There are many brands available and the price varies accordingly.

2. Water Rowing Machines: This is a unit I use at home, for me it delivers the best experience and is as close as you can get to actually rowing a boat its notable that with leading brands of natural water rowers, there so beautiful there almost a work of art. Typically made of wood (though some are metal) they deliver a great experience and are virtually silent in operation too. They do cost the most compared to Air and Magnetic rowers but equally in my opinion they deliver overall a better experience and noticeably better results.

3. Magnetic Rowing Machines: Here the resistance is magnetic hence the name. The edge these units have the tend to have more settings on the level of resistance and most models you will find include and on board computer with LCD screen (typical in magnetic and air units) One of our team uses this type of unit and his thing is endurance so for him this is perfect and it reflects in his ABS and toned calves and muscles. Ultimately the choice is yours and a lot could be said about the price of a rower over spec but believe me the old adage of “you pay for what you get” is totally true and investing that little extra can make a huge difference.

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