Machine fitness

Water Rowing Machines

There are many different types of rowers available in the UK today but perhaps the Rolls Royce of these are the water rower natural series there probably the closest you will get to actually rowing in the sea – its that good. Giving you a whole body workout including your calves, hips, legs and arms it’s the premium machine for the person who is dedicated to reaching the peak of fitness.

Luxury units are made of wood – usually, Ash and are stained for cosmetic as well as longevity reasons.

Complete with a soft but comfortable seat they glide along on sliders with the resistance generated by a water drum usually positioned at the top end of the unit and it’s typically adjustable to giving you potentially years of great service. Forget exercising on a bike, a rower will deliver far more and on the basic, you look after it and this includes adding chlorine to the water etc the machine will take you to the peak of physical fitness.

Most of these types of units include features like a computer on board as well as a stroke counter and pulse monitor but like we have already said what you get depends on the investment you make and the brand you choose.

You can start with a basic rower but pretty soon it may well become obsolete whereas a water rower is the one unit that will deliver for many years to come.

If you looking for a sound investment, this has to be it.

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